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Oil FIlter Advantage Oil FIlter Advantage

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Primair™ Air Management Systems

A complete system of air management products to protect the quality of your cargo and ensure your deliveries stay fresh.

Trailer Skirts

Strehl's Smart Way Certified Trailer Blades have been tested at 7.15% fuel savings! Let us walk you through a pay-back scenario to see how much fuel you can save


TracKing, available in satellite or cellular, delivers operational efficiencies going beyond the cold chain to vehicle and driver management. This system provides fleet managers with a dashboard of cost critical information by trip, by driver and by vehicle, allowing them to quickly gauge the productivity of their fleets.


Protect units from damage during intermodal shipment by truck and rail with this heavy-duty steel protection package.

Fuel Tanks

Lightweight and durable: Thermo King aluminum fuel tanks are designed to meet your fueling needs and are available in capacities from 30 to 110 gallons. Anti-siphon device available to prevent fuel theft.

Door Switches

Thermo King door switches allow customers to shut down the reefer automatically during non-cooling situations - saving you precious fuel and maintenance costs.

TK Status Lights

Thermo King offers a variety of status lights to meet your specified need.

Return Air Bulkheads

The PrimAir bulkhead’s support pods have been uniquely designed and positioned so that return air actually mixes to deliver a more consistent temperature upon entering the evaporator coil. That results in a more efficient operating unit that delivers better cooling to the cargo and saves energy.

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Thermo King Eastern Canada

Thermo King Eastern Canada ™ Transport Temperature Control Parts.

Thermo King Eastern Canada ߜ Precedent™ Single Temp.

About Thermo King Eastern Canada ™ Delivering What Matters.