Vaccine integrity at every stage

To support patient safety and public health, pharmaceutical companies and logistics service providers must protect the quality and integrity of medical and biological products during transport.

At Thermo King, we are aware that shipping pharmaceutical products carries a risk that extends beyond simple cargo loss; it can jeopardize patients’ health and welfare. Thermo King’s PharmaSolutions is a comprehensive and focused portfolio that offers a wide range of products and services together with application experience to meet the specific needs of the pharmaceutical industry.

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Whether you deliver perishable goods to retailers or fresh flowers to a home or frozen fish to a restaurant, we have the right refrigeration unit for your truck or van. Available in a complete range of sizes. Economical temperature controlled units for Reefer Trucks & Vans.


  • Integrated battery and battery charger provide autonomous operation.
  • Switch between 12V vehicle power or 120V A/C shore power as required.
  • Storage temps ranging from -24C to +30C.
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  • Ultra-low temperatures down to -70°C.
  • Protect valuable pharmaceuticals or blood plasma.
  • Exceptionally high performance to preserve product freshness of seafood.
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  • Fast pull-down, tight temperature control, total protection where you need it.
  • Box temperatures between +40°C and -40°C in ambient conditions up to +50°C.
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The WHO estimates a broken cold chain damages about 20% of temperature-sensitive medical supplies during transportation.
Our solutions can extend the safe transit period for medications by double the number of days than that of dry ice.

Up to:


of temperature-sensitive health care products are damaged in transport due to a broken cold chain.


When handling and delivering medications, pharmaceutical companies and their partners are challenged to establish key controls at every stage of the supply chain, to ensure patient safety. Thermo King’s telematics technology and industry expertise puts control back in the hands of stakeholders, knowing that issues are resolved promptly and efficiently to safeguard the patient.

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