Diesel APU Unit
Electric APU Unit

ThermoKing Tripac APUs® – Diesel and Electric Auxiliary Power Units create a comfortable, homelike cab experience for drivers, while providing big advantages for fleet company owners.

Which type of Auxiliary Power Unit is best?

With diesel-powered APUs, there’s virtually unlimited power available to heat and cool as long as fuel is in the APU. Battery-powered APUs (Electric) have the advantage of no noise, but have limited run times. The average [battery-powered] APU will provide up to 10-12 hours of air conditioning capacity and typically longer than that for heating. Long-haul applications are best suited for diesel-powered APUs, until battery technology can meet heavier power requirements.

Why Do I Need an APU?

of drivers are more satisfied when operating a truck with an APU.

of tractor downtime is attributed to emissions systems maintenance.

reduction of fuel used during idling.