Which type of Auxiliary Power Unit is best?

With diesel-powered APUs, there’s virtually unlimited power available to heat and cool as long as fuel is in the APU. Battery-powered APUs (Electric) have the advantage of no noise, but have limited run times. The average [battery-powered] APU will provide up to 10-12 hours of air conditioning capacity and typically longer than that for heating. Long-haul applications are best suited for diesel-powered APUs, until battery technology can meet heavier power requirements.

Thermo King’s next-generation APU provides virtually unlimited sleeper cab heating and air conditioning while reducing tractor idling and lowering maintenance costs.

Diesel APU Unit

  NEW   3rdGEN

3rd Generation TriPac® Diesel APU

Our new, 3rd generation TriPac APU that provides the same comfort and performance our APUs are known for but includes enhancements to reduce emissions, monitor unit performance, and increase profitability.

Diesel APU Unit

A clean, reliable all-electric auxiliary power unit that not only saves fuel but delivers unmatched driver comfort previously unavailable in an electric unit.

Electric APU Unit


Add an APU Air Tower

Adding an APU Air Tower to the TriPac® air conditioning system will result in improved temperature management and increased driver comfort.

Since cold air is heavier than warm air, the semi-truck APU has to work very hard to push the air up above the bunk. The APU Air Tower improves air circulation reducing APU run time by up to 22%.

To order or learn more, contact your local Thermo King dealer.

Download APU Air Tower Flyer

Comforts of Home…on the Road

A Thermo King inverter utilizes pure sine wave plus gives you the power to plug in your devices just like you do at home. Whether you want to recharge your phone, heat food in a microwave or plug in a sleep apnea machine, the type of power the inverter uses is important.

Download APU Inverter Flyer