Coldtainer’s easy-to-use portable storage containers are perfect for transporting temperature controlled products. These cost-effective containers can help you deliver your temperature-sensitive cargo from food to pharma.

Whether you deliver perishable goods to retailers or fresh flowers to a home or frozen fish to a restaurant, we have the right refrigeration unit for your truck or van. Available in a complete range of sizes. Economical temperature controlled units for Reefer Trucks & Vans.


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Flexible for a variety of industries

For food delivery, Coldtainer’s can be used to keep groceries cold and frozen as well as pre-cooked meals hot with our line of HML units. They can also be used in the pharmaceutical industry to help transport sensitive medications, vaccines and blood.

Coldtainers mobile storage units are a lower cost choice to a traditional van or truck refrigeration conversion, with no need for a liner install. Our units are also easy to load and unload, making changes in load configurations based on unique order requirements easy.

Hot. Refrigerated. Frozen. Guaranteed.

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Reducing Environmental Impact

Coldtainer units are not only energy-efficient but also eco-friendly. Traditionally the food delivery industry is a large contributor to CO2 emissions. With Coldtainer units, the emission savings of fresh products is about 33% and a savings of 37% for frozen products.* Coldtainer also offers a variety of AuO, battery powered models that allow for low energy consumption.

*Compared to traditional refrigerated transport, driven by the vehicle engine with diesel as fuel source.(