30W Panel

  • ThermoLite® solar panels are designed for direct reefer mounting on Thermo King or competitive equipment.
  • Battery tending for telematics and controller loads

40W Panel

  • Designed for Thermo King’s Heat King® unit, tractors and straight truck battery tending
  • Flexible and adhesive backed for no-holes install

110W Panel

  • Designed for larger tractor, liftgate and other auxiliary power support
  • Allows for untethered liftgate recharging
  • Suitable for dry and reefer trailers
  • Flexible and adhesive backed for no-holes install

Increase APU Efficiency with Solar Panels

Decrease APU Runtime by up to 30%

Solar panels allow the APU to have healthier batteries, minimizing the engine runtime necessary and ultimately driving down fuel and maintenance expense for an outstanding ROI. ThermoLite® solar panels help lower operational costs by reducing diesel APU run time by 20-30%, extending battery life to five+ years, and helping match APU and tractor preventive maintenance.

Support for tractors and electric APUs

Reduce costly downtime and support sustainability plans with  a ThermoLite® solar charging system.  Solar power offers a host of benefits for tractors with an APU or utilizing electric APUs.  Solar improves the overall health of tractor and APU batteries, increasing electric component runtime and reducing the reliance on tractor charging and idling, saving fuel and maintenance expense.

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Class 8 Tractor

Solar solutions for diesel APU, electric APU, and non APU tractors.

Enjoy longer battery life, decreased waste, lower fuel consumption and reduced emissions – courtesy of the sun.

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Solar solutions for Refrigerated and Dry Trailers, Liftgates, and Heaters.

Developed using the latest technology to produce abundant power, even in low light conditions.

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Solar solutions for School Bus, Mass Transit, Shuttle, and Coach applications.

Designed for quick and easy installation, using the latest technology to produce abundant power, even in low light conditions.

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Class 4-6 Delivery

Solar solutions for Medium Duty, VP Truck, and SP Truck.

Developed using the latest technology to produce abundant power that extends battery life and reduces fuel consumption.

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Off-Road Heavy Equipment

Reduce the need for jumpstarts and battery replacements for your Off Road Heavy Duty Equipment by utilizing ThermoLite® solar panels. ThermoLite® solar panels are the ideal solution for large and small construction, farm equipment, power rentals, and site works. Contact your local Thermo King dealer to find the right solar solution for your business.

Personal Utility Vehicles

An under-par score is impressive; an under-par golf cart isn’t. Don’t let an underperforming golf cart leave you stuck in a sand trap. ThermoLite® Solar Panels can help improve the operation of your utility vehicle, increasing its daily range and greatly extending battery life. Less time needed for charging means you’ll have more time to work on perfecting that golf swing.