Planning a successful trade show requires teamwork, organization, and creativity.  While it takes a lot of work, Expo Cam is one of our favourite initiatives because we get to spend time with our customers from the northern regions of Eastern Canada.  Introducing them to our Product Specialists at the 3-day industry event, ensures that our customers receive unmatched industry knowledge and understand how our products and solutions can strengthen and streamline their business.

Here were just a few important topics that were discussed at the event:

TriPac® Envidia – In today’s green environment, powering a truck’s heating, air conditioning and other comfort systems without the need to keep the engine idling is paramount.  While truck APUs are becoming an industry standard, searching for fuel-friendly alternatives is quickly becoming a growing trend – enter the electric TriPac® Envidia.

Precedent® – Transport refrigeration is competitive. Ensuring regular scheduled maintenance intervals on multi and single-temp trailer platforms means that customers remain operational and profitable on a regular basis.

TracKing – With businesses being legislated to demonstrate that critical food temperatures are maintained during transport, companies need to ensure they are making data-driven decisions about their fleet.  A mobile app that connects to their trailer units, can help ensure this happens on-the-go.

Make the best decision for your transport temperature control needs and take your business to the next level.

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