The Atlantic Truck Show is always a great time for connecting with clients, industry partners and friends to talk shop. It is also a great excuse to enjoy local seafood-fresh from the East Coast.

Here are some of the highlights from this year’s show:


Power Management was a hot topic for our Product Specialists, specifically Thermolite Solar Panels. Our customers were pleased to understand the cost savings potential and unique business applications of these ‘green’ solutions.  They were also envisioning the recreational applications – including RVs, fishing boats and campsites! With panels that improve your battery life, reduce fuel consumption and lower emissions, we can see why.


Our Coldtainer portable isothermal containers were a big topic of conversation. With their low energy consumption, light-weight specs and various sizings, many of you were impressed with their applications for food, pharma, logistics and recreation.  We know many of our visitors enjoyed sampling the ice cream treats that were kept perfectly chilled in the Coldtainers at the show.

TriPac® Envidia:

TriPac® Envidia’s all-electric APU garnered much attention as a ‘green initiative’ and for its longest runtime in the industry. As a notable contender to the TriPac® Evolution diesel APU, this clean and quiet alternative delivers unmatched driver comfort and reliability, not previously seen in electric APUs.


As always, the Precedent® is a familiar site for everyone who visits our booth, but this year, it seemed to have a life of its own.  It was a pleasure to see how many industry partners were showcasing our Precedent® Reefer platform on their transport trailer products. This is a testament to its industry popularity and superior temperature control performance.

Thank you once again for visiting with us at the Atlantic Truck Show. The support from our Customers, industry partners and peers help to make us successful.  Stay tuned for new product innovations and we look forward to seeing you at other local events this year.