Driver comfort means better performance and retention

It’s no surprise that many transport drivers spend long days on the road away from home.  Their cab sleeper becomes the most important place for downtime, rest and to recharge for the next trip.  Having a truck APU (auxiliary power unit) like the TriPac Evolution brings the comforts of home to wherever home is for the night.

Whether you want to recharge your phone, reheat food, catch up on the latest action series or just keep the cabin at a comfortable sleeping temperature, an APU provides the power source needed to run your equipment while  reducing fuel consumption, emissions and noise levels.

Customers like Oakley Transport, a Florida-based food and liquid transporter recently upfitted their new reefer fleet with Thermoking’s Precedent refrigeration units in 2019.  They were so pleased with the quality of the Theromking line, that they decided to give the TriPac® APU a try as well.

“We were looking to improve truck idle times and keep them in the single digits – nine percent or less,” said Pete Nativo, vice president of fleet maintenance for Oakley.   “Feedback from our drivers has been good – they like the TriPac’s easy-to-use controls. They also believe it starts easier. Most importantly, the TriPac has been very reliable”.

The TriPac Evolution pilot of five APUs in 2019 led to an order of approximately 200 more in 2020.  Like many of our APU clients, this demonstrates their confidence in Thermoking’s product quality and performance, but more importantly, a commitment to driver comfort and retention.