The E200 is the next generation of all-electric refrigeration units for final mile delivery

Thermo King Eastern Canada is proud to offer a new, fully electric refrigeration unit for small to medium-sized vans and trucks. The new E-200 is the perfect all-electric solution that provides a mix of control, reliability and utilization with the benefits of having a low carbon footprint.  Not only does the E-200 all-electric unit produce a very low carbon footprint, the low noise and reduced weight offers an attractive solution across urban settings and final mile deliveries.

Truly unique and unlike typical direct drive solutions designed for diesel engines, the E-200 is the ideal all-electric solution for electric and engine-powered trucks that delivers constant capacity independent from the vehicle’s engine and requires no road compressor or drive kit to function.  The E-200’s plug-and-play configuration features a power management system, which contributes to lower energy consumption, increased vehicle autonomy and higher efficiency and reliability.

The E-200 offers innovative features that push transport refrigeration to the next level for small to medium-sized vans and trucks:

  • A tailor-made inverter for constant capacity and exceptional operating efficiency independent of the vehicle engine.
  • A variable speed compressor for precise temperature control, decreased energy consumption, and enhanced reliability.
  • A smart controller with power management intelligence to optimize the supply and demand of power.
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