Pharmaceutical Cold Chain: Best Practices

The pharmaceutical cold chain has never been more important than during this period of the global pandemic, and in particular the transport and sustainability of critical vaccines and related biomedical products to hospitals and healthcare centres. Thermo King Eastern Canada knows the challenges related to transporting these temperature-sensitive products. For decades, the company has been supporting carriers across the cold chain, to ensure the integrity and quality of precious cargo as well as its security and traceability.
Thermo King Eastern Canada offers a complete line of cold storage solutions for transport trailers and trucks, to dedicated last mile delivery in light trucks and vans.  These traditional direct drive refrigeration units can be easily combined with mobile refrigerated containers like the ColdTainer product line, to offer a tailor-made multi-zone temperature solution for both refrigerated and non-refrigerated vehicles. 
Across these temperature control product lines, Thermo King Eastern Canada connects precious cargo and the cold chain together with telematics to provide carriers with the ability to track and trace shipments in real-time.  Advanced telematic tools like TrailerTrak and TempuTrak, offer immediate asset location and geofencing capabilities to monitor the status of important shipments throughout the distribution process while mitigating the risk of cargo theft.
Thermo King has developed this white paper to address pharmaceutical cold chain challenges, including best practices and tools that address these critical needs.  The distribution and storage of Covid-19 vaccines is an important reminder that the world cannot afford a break in the pharmaceutical cold chain. We therefore invite you to download this practical tool, to discover:
  • How to stay alert to potential issues and proactively keep fleets on the road.
  • Why thermal efficiency and equipment age of trailers, trucks and vans are of the utmost importance.
  • The challenges of maintaining temperature control and tracking the integrity of vaccine shipments at all last mile distribution points.

If you have any questions related to mitigating risk in the pharmaceutical cold chain, or our temperature control products and services, do not hesitate to contact your Thermo King Eastern Canada representative.