Solar panels and winter: more benefits than you might think

If you think that solar panels on a trailer or a truck are not effective during winter, think again! The cold season is actually when they are needed the most to reduce fuel consumption and downtime and increase your bottom line.
Solar panels convert sunlight into electricity. Although we get fewer hours of sunlight during the winter months, solar panels are more efficient in cold temperature. They also perform well even when covered with light snow and can benefit from the reflective properties of snow to amplify their power output.
Efficient and durable, ThermoLite solar panels have been tested and proven to withstand the rugged conditions of the transportation industry, even in the coldest climate. And while the total output of solar panels may be reduced during the cold season, they bring many benefits both in truck and trailer applications.
Mounted on the hood or the roof top of a tractor, solar panels can significantly increase vehicle battery life, reduce the use of an APU and ensure your truck will start even on the coldest winter mornings. By reducing APU runtime by up to 30%, ThermoLite solar panels can also significantly lower fuel and maintenance costs as well as overall emissions.
ThermoLite solar panels are a true cost saver in trailer applications, especially for trailers equipped with a refrigeration unit. Improved reefer unit battery life, fuel savings and reduced maintenance costs are direct benefits of solar panels during the winter months. They can also offset parasitic battery load from telematics and electronic controllers and reduce battery alarm. With trailer and reefer batteries charged and ready, downtime is now eliminated.
Delivery trucks and vans can also benefit from solar panels. They greatly extend battery life and reduce costly jump starts and roadside service during the cold months. Solar panels also provide the extra power needed to maintain temperature control equipment and prevent products from freezing in subzero temperature. As for trucks and trailers equipped with an electric liftgate, they provide the power needed to maintain the charge of liftgate batteries so they are always ready to perform.

In every application, ThermoLite solar panels provide a clear ROI, even in the coldest days of January and February. And today’s solar panels are more efficient than ever, helping you capitalize on free and green solar energy. With extended battery life, reduced fuel consumption and increased uptime, solar panels enhance your transport operations, and bring you a much-needed benefit: peace of mind.