Perfect For Your Food Deliveries

Coldtainer units from Thermo King have a wide range of temperature solutions to deliver your orders at the perfect temperature every time. From fresh to frozen and even hot food, your deliveries will stay out of the “danger zone” while preserving taste and quality.

Serious about food safety? You can monitor the temperature of your load in real time with the mobile app.

Our effective units are designed for: caterers, restaurants, grocers, wineries, bakeries, breweries and more!

  • No expensive van conversions or liners required.
  • Easily move a unit from one vehicle to another
  • Various sizing and load options to meet your needs.
  • Simple cleaning with no internal joints or edges.
  • Efficient power options allow you to just plug into the wall and charge.

Hot Units

A new way to transport hot food, Coldtainer’s HmL units from Thermo King allow you to transport deliveries between 65°C to 85°C. Set your temperature and keep it at the optimal temperature the entire journey to keep pre-cooked foods at a consistent temperature and avoid overheating. Available in 140L and 330L sizes.


Refrigerated Pharmaceutical Shipping Containers

Our mobile refrigerators are used around the world to safely transport critical pharmaceutical materials. Whether you need a blood transport cooler, a portable vaccine refrigerator, the cooled transport of biological samples, or a mobile, temperature-controlled, shipping unit for vaccines and medicines, we have you covered. Design and technical features meet all CDC/VFC vaccine storage guidelines.

Depending on the specific model, we offer FDH and NDH versions of these units with an automatic cooling and heating system that helps keep your products at a constant temperature during transport, despite any adverse external environmental conditions. This is provided in compl

Small Medical Refrigerator Options

Due to the fact that our mobile refrigerators are ideal for more than simply pharmaceutical transport needs, these units are not classified as “Medical Devices.” Therefore, they are not required to meet defined standards or authorizations of such devices. If you use Coldtainer from Thermo King mobile refrigerators for the transport of UN 3373 clinical or diagnostic samples, three-system packaging must be used for the product, and primary and secondary packaging must be certified in line with all applicable ICAO/IMDG/ADR standards.


Perfect for any Delivery

Coldtainer from Thermo King portable containers are perfect for any delivery or transportation role where temperature-control is required. Whether you are delivering flowers, frozen pet food, or hot catered food, Coldtainer from Thermo King can be specifically tailored to your industry or needs.

The refrigeration units are durable and designed to withstand vibrations related to vehicle use. Coldtainer from Thermo King stand-alone containers are made from highly durable molded polyethylene and food-grade materials, are easy to clean, and are in compliance with health and safety standards. Coldtainer from Thermo King also makes it easy to deliver items at different temperatures. If you have an insulated van or delivery vehicle, and you need to run more than one product temperature, adding a unit to the vehicle allows you to easily meet this need. The unit installs quickly and eliminates the need for costly custom insulated compartments or bulkheads. When it comes to multi-temperature requirements, we have you covered.

Keep Flowers Fresher for Longer

What’s the most important factor that plays into your flowers’ life? Temperature. The moment a flower is cut and submerged into a floral preservative solution, its means of survival are limited to the food stored in its leaves and petals.

Your flowers could end up anywhere from a kitchen table to the hands of a bride and could be used to show sympathy, appreciation, or to cheer someone up. Thermo King is here to partner with you in making sure your flowers are ready for every occasion.

Stay Informed the Whole Trip

All temperature-controlled models feature an integrated battery monitor and a user-friendly digital display to view temperature and status, and for temperature set point control. The portable cooling containers also record temperatures and have a mobile Bluetooth capability for downloading data to meet recordkeeping requirements.

The optional Bluetooth EVlink mobile application allows you to connect your unit’s digital thermostat to a tablet or smart phone. This innovative solution allows you to check and change the operating parameters remotely. The app also provides real-time monitoring, and the ability to view and transfer temperature records.

You’ll never have to worry about the temperature being wrong for your delivery again.