22L Coldtainer (T0022)

Small Storage
22 Litres

The top-loading, multipurpose, high-performing Coldtainer T0022 series is a portable temperature control unit ideal for transporting high-value products like pharmaceuticals or medical supplies.   It can be easily loaded and unloaded and transferred between vehicles.  With the ability to group a series of Coldtainers together, businesses can have a multi-temperature solution within a single vehicle.

Thanks to its innovative design, last-mile delivery, pharmaceutical transport, and temperature-sensitive logistical operations can confidently store and deliver their perishable products.  Featuring iso-thermal triple-insulated construction and active temperature control technology, the Coldtainer T0022 maintains precise temperatures all packaged into a durable and elegant design.

Available Versions

  FREEZING    FDN   down to -24°C
  FREEZING/HEATING    FDH   from +40°C down to -24°C

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