720L AuO Coldtainer (F0720)

Medium Storage
720 Litres

With active climate control technology that guarantees precise temperature management, the F0720 AuO model features an internal battery for autonomous operation, which can maintain set-point temperatures for eight to ten hours on a single charge.

Built for light to medium commercial vehicles, these autonomous units are suitable for electric vehicles. They can be incorporated directly into insulated reefer vans for a multi-temperature zone solution. The digital display, which functions as an optional HACCP/Bluetooth interface accessory, enables the downloading of transport temperature data as needed.

The F0720 AuO model also offers an FDN model designed for transporting frozen items, an XFDN model intended for transporting deep-frozen items, and an NDN version for refrigerated items. Perfect for biological and pharmaceutical substances, these models offer both active refrigeration and heating systems for optimal temperature control in any environmental condition.

Available Versions

  COOLING    NDN   down to +0°C
  COOLING/HEATING    NDH   from +30°C down to +0°C
  FREEZING    FDN   down to -24°C
  FREEZING/HEATING    FDH   from +30°C down to -24°C

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