ThermoLite® 30W

Naturally, a better solution for your business.

Thermo King has a more efficient and cost-effective solution for your transport temperature control trailers… Introducing ThermoLite® 30W solar panels – clean, reliable power and performance.

ThermoLite® panels have been specifically developed to provide an alternative power source to refrigerated and dry fleets. They also offset sponging loads that drain battery life and create downtime. And, no matter what the weather condition, high efficiency solar cells use the latest technology to produce abundant power.

  • ThermoLite® solar panels are designed for direct reefer mounting on Thermo King or competitive equipment.
  • Battery tending for telematics and controller loads

ThermoLite® 30W supports both Thermo King and competitor transport refrigerated unit batteries. Significantly increase energy efficiency, decrease downtime and save money!