There are a number of  bunk heater brands in the market today that offer varying amounts of fuel savings , driver comfort and reduced maintenance costs. Deciding which brand is worth the money can be quite challenging.

When considering a top quality bunk and cargo heater for transport trucks, vans and passenger vehicles. Espar’s line of air and coolant heaters provide several reasons why auxiliary units like these are a much needed investment.

An Espar air and coolant heater designed for bunk and cargo heating works separate from the onboard heating system of the truck or van.  And with a much smaller footprint, it uses significantly less fuel to do the work.  This climate controlled add-on is favored by drivers for the benefits it delivers: fuel efficiency, driver comfort, and maintenance costs. 

Enhanced Comfort 

Whether you drive a transport truck, commercial van or passenger car, the onboard vehicle heater provides the necessary comfort when on the road.  This changes when the vehicle is parked and the heater is still required during long, cold layover nights. Depending on the rest time required, heating the vehicle when stationary can result in additional wear and tear on the vehicle’s mechanical components.

Auxiliary air heaters designed for bunk or cargo heating work independently from the vehicle’s engine, delivering exceptional driver comfort to the truck’s sleeping compartment or maintaining the cargo temperature without idling the engine.

Ensure Fuel Efficiency and Engine Preheating

Espar coolant heaters work with the vehicle’s coolant system by drawing a small amount of fuel and using it very efficiently to preheat the coolant and keep it at the optimal temperature when not in operation.  This reduces cold starts and faster cabin heating on cold days.  When you factor in the number of stops and layovers that a driver can make during long hauls, the savings are significant.

Reduced Maintenance and Downtime

In addition to reduced fuel usage, the engine and related mechanical components work less since there is no unnecessary engine idling.  Maintenance expenses are reduced because you extend the duration between oil changes.  The reduced wear and tear also extends the lifespan of critical engine components like the air compressors, alternators, belts, hoses, etc. which further reduces the frequency of scheduled maintenance appointments, replacement parts and costly downtime.


The fuel efficiency, driver comfort and cost savings provided by the Espar line of auxiliary heaters is unmatched. Their state-of-the-art German technology has been supporting the North American transport industry since 1973, which means that drivers can enjoy the enhanced performance offered by these quality products and the peace of mind knowing that they’re backed by a leading support team.