Temperature controlled warehouses and grocers provide industry specific requirements for Food and Pharmaceutical products and Thermo King Eastern Canada has the perfect short-term storage solution.

Cold and frozen storage demand is growing

The trend for temperature controlled warehousing in both cold and frozen solutions continues to grow in Canada which is adding a premium to warehouse real estate prices.  With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the e-grocery market has taken a significant turn upwards to support increasing online grocery purchases which is expected to represent more than two thirds of all grocery purchases by the next decade.
The shift in consumer buying along with an emphasis on flexible medical and pharmaceutical storage requirements (for vaccines and related products) means that fulfilment centres need to expand their food-grade warehouse space, and grocers must shift their ‘in-store’ cold storage operations to refrigerated facilities.

Cold Storage comes at a premium

Refrigerated warehouses can run approximately 2-3 times more expensive than traditional warehouses due to the costs associated with cold storage equipment.  With rising new commercial development costs, many fulfillment centres are now paying a premium to build refrigerated facilities.  Warehouses located in major logistics hubs have invested capital to convert or up-fit their facilities with refrigeration equipment to meet the increasing demand of direct-to-consumer shopping and last-mile delivery services.

Short term cold storage solutions offer great value

To help offset the demand for cold storage facilities and keep up with the growth of online grocery orders, logistics and warehouse companies are looking at short term cold storage solutions to help mitigate risk planning and bridge the gap to this growing market.  Thermo King Eastern Canada has the perfect cold storage solutions to enhance the current warehouse model:


  1. SuperFreezer refrigerated container
  2. Coldtainer portable ‘active’ refrigerated container


One of the largest ultra-low temperature storage containers in the market today, the SuperFreezer has a set-point range of  -70°C to -10°C which makes it suitable for a wide range of applications.  Easily moved with a forklift or flatbed and designed to maintain a precise temperature with +/- 1°C, these containers can help add value to any cold storage facility (warehouse or grocer) without purchasing additional real estate or costly remodelling.


With over a dozen sizes and configurations to choose from, these 12V portable refrigerated containers are designed to transport and store temperature-sensitive products for the food and pharmaceutical industry.  Add refrigerated zones to your warehouse using  existing racking locations or load them directly into your delivery vehicles without the need for modifications. With set-points ranging from -30°C up to +30°C (depending on model), digital display and HACCP/ Bluetooth interface, Coldtainers are stackable and provide the ultimate portable cold storage solution without the investment in special vehicles and infrastructure.

Key Benefits

  • Set-point range of -70°C to -10°C to within +/- 1°C (SuperFreezer)
  • Set-point range of -30°C to +30°C (Coldtainer – depending on model)
  • Easily moved with a forklift or flatbed
  • Use immediately in your current facility – no remodelling required.