Truck World 2022 was a significant event this year, having made its return from an event last hosted in 2018.  It drew considerable interest as it showcased a variety of new emission-free solutions and green technology from various manufacturers.  Thermo King was proud to be one of them!

Here are some of the highlights from this year’s show:

All-Electric Precedent®

The Precedent® S-750i took centre stage for everyone who visited our booth.  At a time when many logistics providers are looking to lower their carbon footprint, Thermo King’s fully electrical trailer refrigeration unit is designed for transport fleets, retailers, and pharmaceutical companies who are searching for efficient electric powered solutions.  It was a pleasure to see customers and industry partners eager to discover how they could add this technology to their trailer fleet.

Connected Suite

Telematics was a topic at the show that paired perfectly with the new S-750i platform and our complete line of temperature control solutions. In a competitive market that deals with the transport of perishable products, our customer’s were pleased to know that they had immediate visibility to any issue in their fleet, at any time. Being responsive so deliveries remain on time and avoiding lost loads means increased profitability – and our customers like that.

Power Management

While All-Electric solutions and Telematics where definitely the hot topics, Power Management was next in line and our Product Specialists were eager to discuss back-up support and charging solutions with Thermolite Solar Panels. Customers were pleased to understand the cost savings potential and unique business applications of these ‘green’ solutions.  They learned how Thermolite panels could not only improve battery life, but reduce fuel consumption and lower emissions across their diesel and gas powered fleet equipment.

TriPac® Envidia

As in previous shows, the TriPac® Envidia’s all-electric APU continued to maintain attention as an established ‘green initiative’ in the trucking industry.  Known for its long runtime, it is a notable contender to the TriPac® Evolution diesel APU.  This clean and quiet alternative delivers unmatched driver comfort and reliability, not previously seen in electric APUs.

It was fun to finally visit with everyone at a featured event like Truck World 2022.  We appreciate the ongoing support from our Customers, industry partners and peers that help to make us successful, and look forward to seeing you at other local events this year.