Tracking Telematics. Emissions Compliant. Intuitive Design.

From the leader in sustainable transport temperature control solutions, Thermo King is proud to introduce the 3rd generation diesel TriPac® auxiliary power unit (APU). Building on the best-selling TriPac Evolution, the newest model offers the same comfort and performance that customers have come to expect, but with additional upgrades to lower emissions, track unit performance, and boost profitability.

To increase flexibility and assist clients in adhering to emission requirements, the 3rd generation diesel TriPac® APU is offered in two models.  The first model designed for aftermarket installations, complies with Tier IV Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations across 49 US states. The second model comes with a brand-new aftertreatment device (ATD) compliant with the California Air Resource Board (CARB)  and satisfies EPA Tier IV compliance across 50 US states, for new original equipment manufacturer (OEM) or aftermarket installations.

Customers with environmental, social, and governance (ESG) targets benefit from incorporating a Thermo King TriPac® APU because it reduces unnecessary engine idling, and lowering fuel consumption. On average, transport tractors operating with a TriPac APU use 75% less fuel per hour, saving 9,500 litres annually or 38,000 litres during the average tractor ownership period.  The reduced wear on the tractor’s engine also increases the resale value of the vehicle.

With rising fuel prices and a focus on reducing emissions, auxiliary power units like Thermo King’s 3rd generation TriPac APU are gaining popularity beyond the Class 8 sleeper cabs.  Auxiliary power units serve a diverse scope of applications in vehicles like heavy construction equipment, buses, and the military, to leisure and recreational vehicles.  Unnecessary engine idling can be eliminated while charging batteries, powering electronic devices, and running A/C and heating units for continuous cab comfort.

Thermo King has taken the 3rd generation TriPac® APU to a new level in the transport refrigeration sector, by offering telematics capabilities on both 3rd generation models.  Providing real-time connectivity and data through the TracKing telematics system, operators now have a direct line of sight to the unit’s runtime hours, cabin temperature, and fuel tax reporting.  Important software updates can also be delivered in real-time along with alarms, and maintenance reminders to ensure the APU always operates at peak performance.

In addition to providing superior driver comfort, Thermo King has reimagined the controller and digital user interface to offer a modern yet premium driver experience.  The controller’s new larger digital temperature display, function icons, and toggling menus provide drivers with more control over their comfort and APU operations.

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