Self-powered diesel truck units that offer lower maintenance costs, improved fuel economy, and unmatched reliability for your delivery needs.


T-690 & T-690 Max

T-890 & T-890 Max

T-1090 & T-1090 Max

T-1090 Spectrum

The T-90 Series

Delivering the capacity, reliability and uptime that fit your demanding schedule, the new T-90 Series of self-powered truck refrigeration units truly offer MORE.

The development of the T-90 Series of refrigeration units for straight trucks continues Thermo King’s legacy of customer-focused innovation.

Taking self-powered truck refrigeration to a new level, the next generation T-90 Series offers the right solutions for today’s challenges. Whether you’re looking for more capacity, trustworthy reliability and performance, fuel efficiency, unprecedented temperature pull-down and recovery, convenient maintenance intervals, or all of the above the T-90 Series will not let you down.

Efficient Cargo Airflow with Thermo King T-90 Truck Units

Learn how efficient airflow in your truck’s cargo area can ensure proper temperature control and superior product quality.

How to reduce risk in the food transportation industry

Take action to mitigate risk in your cold chain by adopting the following Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

If food is improperly handled, there is risk of temperature excursions, which can negatively impact public health, reduce product shelf life, or lead to rejected loads. Not only will any of these situations increase your operating costs, but they will negatively impact your reputation within the industry.