140L Coldtainer (F0140)

Medium Storage
140 Litre Capacity

The high-performing Coldtainer F0140 model is a flexible front-loading portable refrigeration unit suitable for food catering and other industries transporting temperature-sensitive, perishable products. The interior side walls of the F0140 are designed with shelving grooves that provide effortless loading and unloading of food containers – perfect for food catering and onsite culinary events.

Featuring triple-insulated construction and onboard active temperature control, the Coldtainer F0140 offers the best iso-thermal performance.  The rugged modular design is perfect for last-mile delivery and logistic operations, allowing for seamless stacking and transferring between vehicles.

Environmentally sustainable, Coldtainers can utilize either 120V shore power during on-site storage or the vehicle’s 12V power supply while in transit.  This eliminates the need for costly van liners, vehicle conversions and vehicle maintenance.  Autonomous and heated versions of this model are available.

Available Versions

  COOLING    NDN   down to -10°C
  COOLING/HEATING    NDH   from +30°C down to -10°C
  FREEZING    FDN   down to -21°C
  FREEZING/HEATING    FDH    from +30°C down to -21°C


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