ConnectedSuite™ Asset Connectivity

For Thermo King Refrigerated Trailers

Putting data to work gives you the ability to track and trace individual deliveries across your fleet. You’ll be able to demonstrate temperature levels, meet regulatory requirements, and respond instantly to new challenges.

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The advantages of data-driven fleet operations

Real-time Asset Connectivity

Track your reefer status, load condition, asset location to fully embrace data-driven fleet operations.

Compliance and Security

Ensure temperature compliance, asset security, and cargo traceability wherever your fleet is located.

Maximize Uptime

Eliminate unscheduled breakdowns and improve maintenance.

Mobile Apps

Real-time temperature, location, and alarm information on your refrigerated fleet 24/7.

Fuel Reading and Extensive Reports

TracKing gives you real-time visibility of your fleet fuel levels and offers a series of standard reporting options.

Data Sharing

Seamless and straight forward integration into any 3rd party website or system.

Real-time Asset Connectivity

Every time a vehicle is off the road, it costs you money. Equally frustrating is the fact that the data is there to give you advance warning of any upcoming problem. Start monitoring usage and performance by using ConnectedSuite.

Reefer Status
Is your unit on? What’s the temperature set-point? Problems can emerge from even the most basic of reefer operations.

Load Condition
Keep an eye on the real temperature of individual loads in transit, rather than relying on the temperature setpoint, to guarantee quality of delivery.

Asset Location
Monitor the current location of your assets at any time to ensure a quick and effective response to any emerging issue.

Compliance and Security

Temperature Compliance
Use temperature reports and graphs to prove that sensitive cargo was maintained at the desired temperature throughout every point in the journey.

Asset Security
With door sensor data available on the TracKing® platform, you can record all door openings to keep an eye on temperature and load security.

Cargo Traceability
Track shipment location and condition to know instantly when a delay occurs and to proactively manage exceptions.

Maximize Uptime

Vehicle Uptime
Eliminate unscheduled breakdowns and improve maintenance.

Fuel Usage
Maintain visibility to ensure the most fuel-efficient mode is consistently used when running loads.

Go Mobile

To help improve the level of real-time intelligence available to fleet managers on the condition of their refrigeration equipment, Thermo King has developed two apps: TK Notify and TK Reefer.

TK Reefer App

Lower service costs and unit downtime through:

  • Regular update (up to every 5 minutes) on unit running mode, operating mode, running hours, battery voltage, fuel level, door status.
  • Real-time unit shutdown alarm notification via email or SMS.
  • Theft prevention with door opening and fuel level decrease alerts.
  • Download over the air of your independent datalogger to archive your historical temperature data
  • Remote control of the refrigeration unit with 2-way communication:
    • Turn the unit on/off
    • Initiate defrost
    • Initiate pre-trip
    • Clear unit alarms
    • Change unit running mode: continuous run/cycle-sentry
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TK Notify App

Receive data-rich notifications at the tip of your fingers. Unlike typical notifications that only give you event information, TK Notify provides you a detailed view of the status of your unit, allowing you to make informed decisions based on the complete picture.

TK Notify provides setpoint, return air, temperature, mode of operation, and the location of the unit at the exact time the event occurs giving you a clear snapshot. 

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Fuel Reading and Extensive Reports

TracKing® gives you real-time visibility of your fleet fuel levels and a series of predefined reports that allow you to get a history of:

  • Your unit operations and alarm data to follow your equipments’ performances and prevent unscheduled breakdowns.
  • Your reefer utilization to balance your fleet workload.
  • Your deliveries and journeys based on past positions, geofences, and points of interest.

All the standard reports can be scheduled to be sent daily, weekly or monthly to multiple stakeholders. You can then share important information internally or with your customers automatically.

Data Sharing

The TracKing® solution is a flexible system that can easily integrate data into any 3rd party website or back-end system.

The data integration via TracKing is straightforward and seamless.

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