Precedent® Single Temperature Cooling Solutions for Trailers

Cooling Solutions

Precedent® C-600

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Precedent® S-600

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Precedent® S-700

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Precedent® S-750i

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Precedent Single Temperature Series Product Features

X430P Reciprocating Compressor

4 cylinder, 30 cubic inch with 4 quart oil sump, forged steel connecting rods with barring inserts and discharge valves incorporating slug relief springs, integrated internal oil filter, 14.5 lbs. of R452A refrigerant.

New Condenser Grilles

The new grilles not only provide improved protection from road debris that can impact the condenser coil, but also a stronger, more integrated look for the unit.

Integrated Telematics

TracKing® - Integrated telematics from the factory.


Smart Reefer® 4 (SR4) control system, temperature data logger, ServiceWatch and Optiset® Plus enabled, running and pretrip diagnostics, integrated USB port, and proprietary eco-pulldown technology.

37 Amp Extended Life Alternator

65 amp alternator and 30 amp battery charger optional.

Composite Doors

Composite long-life door panels with auto-latch and auto secondary latch on front doors.

Telematics for your fleet

Every Precedent TRU comes connected from the factory with TracKing® telematics, making it easier for fleets to monitor and analyze their refrigerated fleet operations.

  • Real-time connectivity
  • Compliance and security
  • Lower Costs
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ThermoLite®solar panels deliver clean, reliable performance resulting in longer battery life, lower fuel consumption, and reduced emissions. Given these potential benefits, ThermoLite solar panels can be an important part of a comprehensive sustainability program for any business.

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