Thermo King Advancer S-DRC: Bigger Impact, Thinner Profile

Advancer S-DRC Rail Refrigeration Unit: Advancing the legacy

The Advancer S-DRC is the first slimline transport refrigeration unit in North America that meets the new California Air Resources Board (CARB) Ultra Low Emission Transport Refrigeration Unit (ULETRU) requirements. Based on Thermo King’s proven S-Series engine platform it has advanced capabilities with improved unit performance, connectivity, and operational efficiency.

The cargo rail business is an essential part of our supply chain. As we move toward a more eco-friendly future, transport refrigeration requirements are focused on sustainability, compliance, and operational efficiency. The Advancer S-DRC is a slimline TRU that helps you move more freight across the country quickly and easily.  It’s built to be sustainable, which means transport refrigeration businesses can continue to grow their bottom line while being environmentally friendly.