Portable, adaptable cooling, freezing, and heating for a variety of applications. This innovative portable, refrigerated container is designed to allow small businesses to transport refrigerated goods without the expense of insulating a van or fitting a small engine driven refrigeration unit.

Flexible Cooling:
Thermo King ColdTainer units maintain a consistent temperature, offering powerful cooling and deep freezing options. Can be moved or transferred from one application to another with ease.

Visible User Interface:
View current temperature and status without opening the container. Features digital readouts for precise temperature control.

Constructed for Durability:
Made from tough moulded polyethylene, ColdTainer’s single-piece construction is durable and light weight. Constructed of food-grade and UV-stabilized materials for easy cleaning.

Choose from a range of freezing and cooling units in a variety of sizes

T0022 22L +40°C down to -24°C 585 x 375 x 480 20.5kg – 21kg
T0033 33L +40°C down to -24°C 670 x 390 x 480 22.5kg
T0056 56L +40°C down to -24°C 800 x 495 x 500 33kg
T0082 82L +40°C down to -35°C 940 x 560 x 551 35kg to 40 kg
F0140 140L +30°C down to -21°C 1000 x 629 x 710 52 kg to 57kg
F0330 330L +30°C down to -21°C 1020 x 1000 x 1000 80 kg to 90 kg
F0720 720L +30°C down to -24°C 1400 x 1100 x 1100 144kg to 153 kg
F0915 915L +30°C down to -21°C 1500 x 1200 x 1180 155kg to 175kg
F0760 760L +30°C down to -21°C 820 x 1420 x 1580 157kg to 169kg
F140 AuO 140L +30°C down to -21°C 1000 x 620 x 720 94kg to 97kg
F0330 AuO 330L +30°C down to -30°C 1200 x 1000 x 1010 126kg to 150kg
F720 AuO 720L +30°C down to -24°C 1400 x 1100 x 1100 144kg to 153kg

Ambient temperature range: -10°C to +50°C VIEW THE FULL LINE OF COLDTAINER PRODUCTS

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