Not every truck and van or refrigeration and heating unit will work well for every application. We can help you select the right refrigeration and heating equipment to reduce costs and meet the needs of your final mile customers

T-Series Units

Diesel-Powered Truck Units

Larger loads need greater refrigeration capabilities

Thermo King’s complete line of self-powered diesel truck units provide premium performance for ‘last-mile’ delivery operations that carry bigger loads.  All our diesel truck units feature industry leading capacity, reduced maintenance intervals and advanced temperature controlled technology with telematic tracking built-in.

Diesel Powered Truck units offer greater refrigeration capacity and cargo flexibility with efficient performance.

  • Improved coil designs and optimized engine management help increase capacity up to 35 percent
  • Extended maintenance interval (EMI) of 2,000 hours — longest in the industry — can save you more and minimizes downtime
  • Use SmartPower™ electric standby to save up to 75% on fuel costs
  • QuickTemp technology, cycle-sentry mode, Fuel Saver II technology, and electronic door switches can also be used to contribute to fuel savings

Box Size / Temperature Guide

14 FT
16 FT
18 FT
20 FT
22 FT
24 FT
26 FT
28 FT


*Above reference assumes 3” of insulation for 35°F (2°C), 0°F (-18°C) and 4” for -20°F (-29°C); ten door openings per delivery day; box dimensions of 96”W and 96”H on trucks 10’ and over in length.

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