Find the right direct-drive solution for your business

Direct drive refrigeration units are Vehicle powered units providing refrigeration for Trucks & small van applications and offer an economical alternative for straight truck bodies. Vehicle powered units are available in various configurations and sizes as below:


All-Electric Solutions

Fully electric transport refrigeration unit designed for Class 2-4 box trucks.


All-Electric Solutions

Fully electric transport refrigeration unit with zero emissions for large trucks.


All-Electric Solutions

Designed for both electric and engine-powered vehicles.


All-Electric Solutions

Ideal for small trucks and delivery vans in fresh applications.

V-220 Series

Small Trucks & Vans

Optimal for small insulated vans or compartmental applications.

V-320 Series

Small Trucks & Vans

Best for small insulated vans or compartmental applications.

V-520 Nosemount

Medium/Large Trucks & Vans

Nosemount units are optimal for small to medium sized insulated box trucks.

V-520 Topmount

Medium/Large Trucks & Vans

Perfect for medium to large insulated vans and body-on-chassis vehicles with reach-in side compartments.

V-800 Series

Large Trucks

Use these units where large urban transport is needed.

E-200: All-electric transport refrigeration

This full-electric refrigeration unit for small and medium-size vans and trucks helps put sustainability at the heart of your operation.

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How to reduce risk in the food transportation industry

Take action to mitigate risk in your cold chain by adopting the following Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

If food is improperly handled, there is risk of temperature excursions, which can negatively impact public health, reduce product shelf life, or lead to rejected loads. Not only will any of these situations increase your operating costs, but they will negatively impact your reputation within the industry.


Clean and Quiet Operation

If you deliver in neighborhoods with noise restrictions, the direct-drive line of units offer low noise levels in all operating conditions. And because the units have no emissions, the CARB TRU Exemption saves you time and money by not having to register units or do expensive compliance upgrades. The SmartPowerTM electric standby also offers cleaner and quieter operation.

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